Jennifer Lopez moving to the Castle Orsini in Celleno, Italy?

              Jennifer Lopez loves Italy and it shows

              Jennifer Lopez moving to the Castle Orsini in Celleno, Italy?

              Jennifer Lopez would love living in a small village in Italy or Bali, with a quiet lifestyle.

              On Vanity Fair she stated: “I’ll sooner or later leave the United States and move to a small village in Italy or Bali to live in peace a simpler and more peaceful life.”

              A small village in Italy agrees and the mayor of the village of Celleno Marco Bianchi formally sent an invitation to the well-known American artist.

              Marco Bianchi, mayor of Celleno, a small town of just 1300 inhabitants an hour’s drive from Rome, did not hesitate to personally invite the well-known star.

              Mayor Marco Bianchi stated: “Reading the wishes of the well-known singer, actress, and entrepreneur she really seems to talk about our small town, which offers beauty, greenery, good food and privacy.

              We live in Tuscia characterized by the unique beauty We are surrounded by Lake Bolsena, Civita di Bagnoregio, Orvieto and enjoy an excellent strategic position in Italy.

              Celleno recently became the set for the film “Black Moon” (Luna Nera). It will be released on Netflix at the end of the month. The ghost village of Celleno is called so because the ancient part of the village was abandoned many years ago following an earthquake.

              In the Castle Orsini in the village of Celleno, nobody has lived there for a couple of years.? The area has plenty of luxury villas and castles too. It would make an ideal home for Jennifer Lopez

              A small town that collects so many hidden gems, where you can live a quiet life, immersed in greenery and history, with a high standard of quality of life.



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