Special “Day of Giving for Ecuador” to help those affected by COVID-19

              Special “Day of Giving for Ecuador” to help those affected by COVID-19

              On Thursday, July 15, 2020, nonprofit organizations Por Todos and SOS Ecuador will team up to launch the official “Day of Giving for Ecuador” to help those most affected by economic hardships associated with COVID-19. With coronavirus cases highest in the Latin America, past 55,000 and limited resources depleting the country, it is essential to raise awareness and funds for those most in need. Ecuador is experiencing vast economic and humanitarian hardship with no end in sight.

              “Contributing to this campaign has a double effect; on one side it supports Ecuador at a time when it faces the most difficult economic situation in its history. On the other side, it brings back hope to thousands of Ecuadorian families”, said Ambassador of Ecuador to the US Ivonne Baki. “I am proud to support July 15th as the designated ‘Day of Giving’ for Ecuador.”

              On July 15, it is easy to make even the smallest contribution that will make the biggest difference. Ecuador calls on your help in their aid to stop the spread of the coronavirus in a vibrant country home to the spectacular Galápagos Islands and breathtaking Cloud Forests.

              Founder of Por Todos Roque Sevilla says, “This fight we are waging is affecting us all. We must not avert our eyes, but stand side by side as we wake up to the new reality that this horrific pandemic will not go away until we eradicate it in every corner of the world. Though great strides have been made by donations to our fund from around the world, there is still work to be done.”


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