Montserrat Fiber Optic Cable project to impact on new category of visitors

              Montserrat Fiber Optic Cable project to impact on new category of visitors

              The installation of a new submarine fiber optic cable system in Montserrat has been successfully completed. Marine installation operations commenced on June 29, 2020 following the arrival of the cable laying ship, ‘IT Intrepid’ and finished on July 2nd.

              Project Manager, Mr Denzil West, noted: “Following the successful completion of the installation and testing process, the Submarine Fiber Optic Project is now essentially completed. Focus now shifts to the completion of the terrestrial components of the project,” he explained. The project remains on track for an end of August, Ready for Service (RFS) date for the new system.

              Director of Tourism, Warren Solomon, commented: “This is a huge step for Montserrat in terms of enhanced connectivity, and it will make us better equipped to target the digital nomads who can work from anywhere.” This is one of the medium to long term strategies in the country’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan for Tourism. He continued: “I can’t think of a better environment in which to work on your own time, whether it’s writing a book, developing a new app or providing online consultancy services. The island’s pristine and laid back setting was what made Air Studios Montserrat a hive of creativity in the 1980s for so many of the world’s leading pop musicians like Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney.”

              The Fiber Optic Cable project was one of the national infrastructural projects that had been put on hold as part of the COVID-19 suppression measures. While a lot of businesses and services resumed operations in June, the Montserrat government only lifted the late-night curfew that had been in existence for the last month on July 1st.

              This therefore ends the restrictions on the freedom to move and businesses are now allowed to operate based on their own established times. However, all social distancing, sanitization and other precautionary measures guiding the operations of businesses and religious establishments remain in place.

              Montserrat’s borders remain closed, with exceptions made for returning nationals and residents who would be subject to being screened upon arrival and self-quarantined for 14 days.

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