Ryanair COVID-19 Refunds Out of the “Ghost Airlines System”

              Coronavirus flight cancellation processing

              Ryanair COVID-19 Refunds Out of the “Ghost Airlines System”

              The airline confirmed that it is making rapid progress in processing Ryanair COVID-19 refunds for customers whose flights cancelled during the period March to June, following government flight cancellations for the COVID-19 emergency. The airline said it will process 90% of requests within July 2020.

              Since June 1, with the reopening of the Dublin offices, the reimbursement staff has been processing the requests with the following results: the cash reimbursement requests for March have been cleared; at the end of June, 50% of redemptions in April cash was liquidated; the balance of the April cash repayments will be processed by July 15; and by the end of July, cash refunds will also be processed throughout the month of May and most of June.

              These figures include passengers who have accepted the travel voucher, and/or free re-booking on flights are now operated by Ryanair during the months of July, August, and September. Ryanair also invited travel agents operating online to provide precise details of their unauthorized bookings so that these refunds can also be processed.

              The company said that “a significant minority of Ryanair’s refunds are blocked due to OTA using fake email addresses and virtual credit cards during reservations, which cannot be traced back to the actual passenger.”

              In this regard, the airline invites interested customers who have not yet received Ryanair COVID-19 refunds to contact the customer service of the platform on which they purchased their flight, to make sure that they have already interacted with Ryanair and collaborate with the airline so that these requests of repayment can be successful.

              “We are pleased to have made such significant progress in June in eliminating the backlog of cash refunds due to flight cancellations due to the COVID-19 emergency,” said the CEO of Ryanair Eddie Wilson. “More than 90% passengers who booked directly with Ryanair and who requested a cash refund for travel between March and June will receive refunds by the end of July. “

              Wilson, however, is concerned that “a significant amount of our customers who have made reservations through unauthorized online travel agencies have not yet received refunds because OTAs have provided Ryanair with fake email addresses or virtual credit card details.

              “We are bringing this to the attention of the competent authorities in Ireland and the United Kingdom, as this demonstrates why urgent regulation of these entities is needed, so that we can process cash refunds for these customers quickly and efficiently and encourage all customers who have not yet requested a refund to do so with our customer support team.”


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