Farewell Morricone: Italy Composer of the Century

              Paying tribute to a great musician and composer

              Farewell Morricone: Italy Composer of the Century

              The National Cinema Museum of Turin in Italy is paying tribute to Maestro Ennio Morricone by proposing the diffusion of his most famous music in the pedestrian area in front of the Mole Antonelliana until July 20. The initiative is part of “Turin City of Cinema 2020,” a project of the city of Turin, the National Museum of Cinema, and the Turin Piedmont Film Commission, with the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Piedmont region, and the Turin Culture Foundation.

              RAI (Italian Radio Television) has been paying tribute to the great musician and composer of immortal soundtracks, airing films with his soundtracks until July 31, from “Once Upon a Time in America” to “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” and others.

              Morricone had already written his own obituary. It says:

              “The most painful farewell to my wife, “I am dead.” I announce it to all the friends who have always been close to me and also to those who are a little far away whom I greet with great affection. I, Ennio Morricone, is dead. Impossible to name them all. But a special memory is for Peppuccio and Roberta, fraternal friends very present in the last years of our life. There is only one reason that drives me to greet everyone like this and to have a funeral in private form: I don’t want to disturb you. I warmly greet Ines, Laura, Sara, Enzo, and Norbert for sharing a large part of my life with me and my family. I want to remember with love my sisters Adriana, Maria, and Franca and their loved ones and to let them know how much I loved them. A full, intense, and profound greeting to my children Marco, Alessandra, Andrea, and Giovanni, to my daughter-in-law Monica, and to my grandchildren Francesca, Valentina, Francesco, and Luca. I hope they understand how much I loved them. Not last, Maria (the wife). I renew to you the extraordinary love that has held us together and that I am sorry to abandon. To you the most painful farewell.”

              Ennio Morricone and that moment of eternity on Piazza Navona deserted during the lockdown

              That need for something timeless in a precarious world, that’s why in this historic moment of fragility we once again need the music of Ennio Morricone. The memory dedicated by the colleague Silvia Buffo to the great musician is moving,? it recounts, “There is no need for cinema lovers, culture to love the composer of the century, or to mention the Oscar; he left us today, but we will never say goodbye to him because the grownups classics do not greet each other, they are omnipresent and permanent among us.

              “We will not miss them because their destiny is to continue to exist. Anyone who loved Ennio Morricone’s music, without differences between cultured public and popular sensibility, because genius floods the minds without differences, without pre-established logics. His music belongs to everyone. Ennio Morricone’s music is everyone’s music, without classes, which unites beyond all diversity. Here is another characteristic of the classics: belonging to anyone, always leaving new and changing interpretations in the soul of the listener.

              “This means being a classic and, therefore, timeless, never exhausting the possible perceptions of one’s work, projecting a scenario of immensity. Morricone’s compositions,? Boundless scenes, images to listen to. Figures, feelings, emotions, existential pauses, torments, facets of the soul.

              “Ennio Morricone transformed cinema into music, when in the films of Sergio Leone or Bertolucci, he completed with notes what the scene was no longer able to say and thanks to his music those films will remain in the collective memory even more indelible.”

              The tribute from a young journalist to a young musician

              With Ennio Morricone everything becomes cinematic, the young Silvia demonstrated it by praising the musician, Jacopo Mastrangelo, born in 1999. In March in the heart of the pandemic, with Italy immersed in the desolation of the uncertainty and absence of tomorrow, which seemed unable to return, he improvised without knowing what we can almost define a film, of which he was the protagonist was Rome, in a deserted Piazza Navona from the top of a terrace, on the notes of Once upon a time in America, the latest film by Sergio Leone.

              The boy’s father had the readiness to film the performance. Today it is fortunate to enjoy that memory, which turns into the most dispassionate tribute to Ennio Morricone that we will not forget. Ennio Morricone and Rome, eternal survival. Difficult to reproduce in words the beauty of this video, that’s why we propose it again.

              As each masterpiece cannot be described, it can only be welcomed, the show was so breathtaking that it was therapeutic and consoling for the whole of Italy, reminding us how in this historic moment of fragility we once again need the music of Ennio Morricone.

              The performance on Piazza Navona is a masterpiece within the masterpiece, an eternal within the eternal. Rome immersed in its sunset in Piazza Navona and in the vastness of an absurd silence due to the pandemic becomes even more eternal, until it becomes intimate. But that eternity on the notes of Ennio Morricone, his indissoluble city, reproduced by the young musician, is more imposing than ever and intoxicated with a light of ethereal hope.

              There will be a future of beautiful things

              The genius of the boy in reproducing the notes of the master Morricone suggests that beauty and sensitivity are also in the new generations, that there will be a follow up, that genius returns, like the eternal return of things. In the background, as a choral participation, you can hear the applause moved by those who, peeking through the windows, stole this show, that small fragment of eternity with which we will even remember Ennio Morricone. A simple and immense praise worthy of its rare and unrepeatable greatness.

              Ennio Morricone the greatest promoter of the Italian image in the world

              Music has always been an integral part of the Brand Italia. That of Ennio Morricone has also surpassed the great classics for its melodious notes, penetrating and full of emotions also conveyed by the indelible images of cinema received and loved by all generations in the world. Today engraved in the hearts of young people.

              The awards given to the Maestro by the highest Italian institutions, were limited to “handshakes.” Rhetorical gestures! While it is claimed the support for whom that, despite having defamed the image of Italy wants to enjoy life privileges.

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