Halekulani Hotel sets a trend in keeping Waikiki Resort closed for a year

              Are Top Travel Expert expect Waikiki closed until July 2021?

              Halekulani Hotel sets a trend in keeping Waikiki Resort closed for a year

              Together with the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the Halekulani in Waikiki has been regarded as a luxury and a hotel with class and a soul. Earlier this year eTurboNews reported the opening of the Halepuna by Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki

              Today the hotel said that in consultation with some of the most experienced industry professionals and experts in epidemiology, virology, and public health, we are developing new and enhanced protocols and standards. It means the hotel informed their staff today, the closure of the property will continue until July 2021, while the company is planning major renovation during the downtime.

              Halekulani has been known as setting a standard for Luxury and the hospitality industry in Hawaii.? Is Halekulani setting the stage to tell the Aloha State Tourism Industry will not come back until July 2021?

              Halekulani is a cherished blend of place and space, an oasis-like experience amid the energy of Waikiki. With our beachfront location and unobstructed views of Diamond Head, Halekulani is the sought-after destination for those wishing to honeymoon in Hawaii.

              “We are proud to continue our long tradition of excellence in hospitality, cuisine and amenities, and look forward to welcoming you soon to Halekulani.”, is the message on the Halekulani Website.

              Those who came before us knew of Halekulani’s previous location on the shores of the Pacific.

              Oral history handed down through the ages tells us that early Hawaiians viewed Waikiki as a place of hospitality and healing. The beach was known for its healing waters- – in fact, the name Waikiki means freshwater springs.

              Our beachfront location has welcomed people since 1883 when the original owner, Robert Lewers built a two-story house on the site of what is now our main building. The fishermen of the area would bring their canoes onto the beach in front of the property to rest. So welcomed were they by the Lewers family that the locals named the location “house befitting heaven” or Halekulani.

              The original Halekulani began in 1907 as a residential hotel, owned by Robert Lewers. It consisted of a beachfront home and five bungalows.

              In 1917, Juliet and Clifford Kimball purchased the hotel, expanded it and established it as a stylish resort for vacationers, and gave it the name the locals originally bestowed on it, Halekulani.

              In the 1930s, the original home was replaced with a plantation-mansion styled Main Building with a high-pitched hip roof to catch the cooling trade winds. Also known as a “Dickey Roof, it is a trademark of Hawaii’s legendary architect C.W. Dickey, and is continued today in Halekulani’s architecture.

              The hotel was sold?following the passing of the Kimballs in 1962. Almost 20 years later, it was purchased by what is now the Honolulu-based Halekulani Corporation. The hotel was closed and rebuilt as the existing 453-room property.

              Today, our staff, our location and our hospitality?reflect this original, Hawaiian welcome that defined the property. Regularly considered to be the finest?hotel in Honolulu, and a destination for?honeymoons in Hawaii,?our hotel is more than a series of rooms and suites. It’s a spirit that defines your time with us. We invite you to discover the intangible magic of our destination


              Earlier this year eTurboNews reported the opening of the Halepuna by Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki

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