Thailand announces new entry rules after new COVID-19 cases

              Thailand announces new entry rules after new COVID-19 cases

              Thai authorities today announced tightening of rules and regulations for foreigners’ entry into the country.

              Thailand has been without confirmed local transmission of the COVID-19 for 50 days now, but two cases among foreigners this week led to the self-isolation of more than 400 people and concerns about the possibility of a new coronavirus outbreak.

              Those isolated may have been exposed to a crewman of an Egyptian military plane in eastern Rayong province and a 9-year-old girl and family member of a Sudanese diplomat in Bangkok, Reuters said. Both were exempt from the mandatory 14-day state-supervised quarantine required for returnees.

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              Authorities acknowledged that regulations for diplomats and air crewmen, who were among a few categories of foreigners allowed to enter since March with self-isolation requirements, have been too lax.?“This should not [have] happened, I am really sorry that it did and I want to apologize to the public,”?PM Prayuth Chan-ocha said.

              All diplomats and family members who were previously allowed to self-isolate in their residences must now be quarantined under government supervision. Short-term visits by businessmen and state guests who were allowed to enter as of July 1 have been suspended.


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