International Nightlife Association fights to keep nightlife in Barcelona Beachfront

              The Beachfront employs over 2,000 people and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Barcelona

              International Nightlife Association fights to keep nightlife in Barcelona Beachfront

              While nightlife in Spain is slowly returning after being closed for over 3 months, some nightlife venues in Barcelona have become worried when hearing that the nightlife area of the Barcelona Beachfront could be replaced by a CSIS space dedicated to science and observatories. The Barcelona Beachfront is currently made up of 7 nightlife venues: Pacha Barcelona, Opium Barcelona, Sh?ko Barcelona, Carpe Diem Lounge Club, Ice Barcelona, Agua, and Bestial of which employ 2,000 people between direct and indirect jobs.

              Actually, 4 of the venues who are bound to be affected by this include Pacha Barcelona, Opium Barcelona, Sh?ko Barcelona, and Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC), all clubs on the list of, “The World’s 100 Best Clubs” 2019, a list that was made public in Bogotá, Colombia last November in the framework of the 6th International Nightlife Congress and 5th Golden Moon Awards.

              It’s safe to say that the Barcelona Beachfront is the most frequented nightlife area of Europe, of which most frequenters are tourists. This area is an all-season frequented area operating from Monday to Friday and that doesn’t have a specific season of activity but employs over 2,000 workers, of whom reside in the “Barceloneta” and “Ciutat Vella” neighborhoods. Considering that 14.6% of Spain’s GDP is due to tourism, we find that these spaces are very important to the city of Barcelona, in terms of first-class tourism, congresses, and international events. Eliminating this space will make the city of Barcelona less attractive since, among other attractions, every day more and more tourists are choosing their destination based on the nightlife offer.

              In words of Maurizio Pasca, President of the European Nightlife Association and Vice President of the International Nightlife Association, “While living the worst crisis in the history of nightlife, we cannot allow for the most frequented nightlife area in Europe to be sacrificed for an observatory. I’m sure that there are other places in the city that can be chosen to be occupied by the research centers, without having to jeopardize these first-class nightlife venues and their over 2,000 employees. The economic crisis is already knocking down many venues, businesses, and jobs, which is why it’s completely unexplainable to even consider getting rid of these functioning businesses that make for a tourist attraction and employs many families of the area”.

              The Spanish Nightlife Association (Spain Nightlife), member of the International Nightlife Association considers that these venues and the Beachfront composed of over 40 restaurants, first-class hotels, a casino, and some of the best nightlife venues in the world like Pacha Barcelona, Opium Barcelona, Sh?ko Barcelona, and Carpe Diem Lounge Club make the area amazing, excellent and safe.

              The businesses operating in the Barcelona Beachfront, with the goal of maintaining the area and client’s safety, allocate a large portion of their annual budget to private security investing in human resources and technology. The private safety personnel and experts in the Beachfront are considered one of the best and a model to follow. Also, 30% of the product delivered and served at these venues are all local and provided by shops and businesses located in the Barceloneta neighborhood.


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